Hanna:Keelan services:

  • COMPREHENSIVE & ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT PLANNING, which includes the written development of community and county comprehensive plans, zoning and subdivision Regulations and economic development profiles and plans. Hanna:Keelan staff are certified "Planners-In-Charge" by the states of Nebraska and Missouri. Hanna:Keelan Associates has completed 120 comprehensive plans and 80+ blight/substandard determination studies and community redevelopment plans.

  • HOUSING MARKET RESEARCH, which includes the documentation of housing needs and housing development potential for both communities and counties, a vital step prior to the implementation of housing developments. Hanna:Keelan Associates has completed 275+ housing market studies.

  • HOUSING CONSULTANT AND DEVELOPMENT, which includes providing consulting services in all phases of housing development/implementation. Both Hanna and Keelan are certified "Housing Consultants" by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development; a certification required to administer federal housing developments for the elderly and persons with disabilities. Hanna:Keelan has extensive experience in the development of HUD housing, in particular the HUD 202/811 and mortgage insurance programs and RD Section 515 and Low Income Housing Tax Credit Project programs. Hanna:Keelan Associates has consulted for 180+ housing developments, equaling 6,000+ units of housing, at a cost of over $270 million.

  • HUMAN SERVICES PLANNING, which includes community-based human service needs assessment and program development. Hanna:Keelan Associates provides professional human services planning to governmental entities and both private non-profit organizations and foundations..

  • ORGANIZATIONAL PLANNING & GRANT DEVELOPMENT, which includes organizational strategic planning and grant development and administration for both the public and private sector. Hanna:Keelan has extensive experience with the Community Development Block Grant program. Hanna:Keelan Associates has 25 years experience conducting organizational planning and grant development activities.